Design creation
Code development
Dream project realization
Mobile applications
Apps and games for iOS and Android of different complexity and target
Web and SaaS
Web services and applications for the Internet. E-Shops, landings and websites.
Other platforms
Chatbots, embedded applications and software for different
Stages of work
You leave an application and
we process it, within 3 days from the date of submission.
We agree on a meeting and discuss all the details of the project. Usually, the meeting lasts about an hour.
We prepare and sign an agreement on the performance of work during
3 days after the meeting.
We do the primary layouts and coordinate with you.
The terms of work are discussible.
We carry out the main iteration, periodically demonstrating the
result - from 2 weeks.
We make final edits, finalize
and submit the project according to
the technical tasks.
Why choose us?
We put the process over the result.
Always objectively evaluate the project.
Client's interests always come first.
Each step is agreed.
Impartially evaluate the cost of services.
Do not go beyond the agreed budget.
Relax Wallpapers
An app with combinations of relaxing screensavers for Smart TV.
Program for visually impaired people, determining the denomination of the bill using a neural network.
Samsung Upgrade
Web service for Samsung, providing the functionality of replacing devices to be repaired.
Customer accounting service, the implementation of the loyalty system, as well as component control.
Application for booking parking spaces and renting them out.
Universal screensaver-clock with a set
settings for different platforms.
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