Z-Digital Digest — #1, pilot

- Google goes big (how more?)

Really big update of the Google Search Engine has been announced today. As the developers say, now the system can offer more relevant results for one of ten search queries, based on whole request phrases. Influencing 10% of the search results is a perceptible change. For now, the changes affect only US English search, but as the guys from Google say, an update will come to the other languages pretty soon.

- Don Valentine, one of the first Atari and Apple investors, dies at 87

Sequoia Capital founder and one of the “Silicon Valley top players” Don Valentine passed away on the 25th of October, due to natural reasons.

Born in 1932 in New York, Valentine has started investing small checks in tech companies he was meeting since his work at Fairchild Semiconductor. In 1974 he got a possibility to form a $3 million venture, where the first bets went to Atari and Apple. Later he invested money in a great number of other companies, like Cisco and Oracle.

- SoftBank takes control over WeWork. The price is $8B.

After a pretty tough time for the WeWork, with all the news over the media and CEO Adam Neimann leaving his post, some updates by the company’s long-term investor, SoftBank, have come.

To be clear, SoftBank Group plans to invest between $4B to $5B in exchange for a new sharing model, allowing them to take control over the company. The deal may become a real lifeline representing for WeWork, once valued for $47B, and now merely in weeks running out of cash.

WeWork has not provided any comments for now.

Products week

We love taking look at cool SaaS products and platforms that could automate your daily work or lead you to some new solutions. Here is our top-3 for the current week.

- Keap: Your sales funnel. Fully automatized.

A pretty cool amount of functionality, allowing you to make landings, advertising your product, provide digital sales, make cross-platform messenger newsletters and collect global feedback from your customers.

- Notion: Collaborative notes and document editing.

A new product, getting its popularity extremely fast. A great bunch of functionality, allowing small and mid-size companies to put all the task lists, notes and documents into one place.

- AppCues: Guide your users with zero code.

A fully-functional SaaS product made to help you add some guidance to any service you provide. Create detailed guidelines, short intros or tours in a few clicks — and add them to your products without writing a line of code.


Pretty good bunch of info for the pilot, huh? We are planning to provide such digest each week — do not miss any of them!

Sincerely, Bohdan Hlushko
Z-Digital Group CEO & Hobbyist Copywriter
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