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Microsoft will begin replacing Microsoft Edge with its Chromium-based browser next week

Microsoft said in November that the new Chromium-based Edge would begin replacing the “traditional” Edge, which uses Microsoft’s own EdgeHTML to render pages. Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president in charge of Microsoft’s Modern Life & Devices Group, told PCWorld that the process would begin on January 15. Microsoft confirmed this in a document it released earlier this week, though with one caveat: If you’re a business user, you can choose to remain on the “old” Edge.

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Amazon fires employees for leaking customer email addresses and phone numbers

Amazon has fired a number of employees after they shared customer email addresses and phone numbers with a third-party “in violation of our policies.”

The email to customers sent Friday afternoon, seen by TechCrunch, said an employee was “terminated” for sharing the data, and that the company is supporting law enforcement in their prosecution.

Amazon confirmed the incident in an email to TechCrunch. A spokesperson said a number of employees were fired. But little else is known about the employees, when the information was shared and with whom, and how many customers are affected.

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Mozilla patches Firefox zero-day as attackers exploit a flaw

On Wednesday, Mozilla issued Firefox 72.0.1, which included one change: A patch for the vulnerability identified as CVE-2019–17026. “We are aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw,” Mozilla said in the short description of the flaw, signaling that criminals were already leveraging the zero-day vulnerability, the term applied because there no time elapses between patching and exploitation.

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Articles minute of fame: the best for the week
To make the weekend even better, we at
Z-Digital Group have mixed several articles we think you should take a look at.

John Lewis, Tesco, Santander: 5 things that mattered this week and why

Cookie consent tools are being used to undermine EU privacy rules, study suggests

Products week
We love taking look at cool SaaS products and platforms that could automate your daily work or lead you to some new solutions. Here is our top-3.

AI and machine learning:
AI and machine learning have already been a growing trend in SaaS but as B2B customers catch on to the need in their own industries, it will become an even bigger focus for SaaS companies. It’s not only a selling point but an expectation. Many companies want to automate processes as much as possible for their employees to improve productivity and cut time spent on non-value adding tasks. Many e-Commerce companies are seeing the importance of mass personalization in their sales and marketing strategies. Therefore, machine learning for marketing and sales SaaS products will become the key selling point that companies are willing to pay for.

White labeling:

As more companies begin to use SaaS tools for front-facing activities on their websites, via email, etc., more are wanting SaaS tools to look native. SaaS companies will continue to respond by offering white labeling options for companies at a premium. Many SaaS companies are offering to work with enterprises on creating customer interfaces and features for their needs on an even deeper level. Especially for e-Commerce companies whose entire process happens via multiple SaaS tools, this is important for a cohesive experience. For example, Beamer is a news feed of your latest updates that integrates into your website or app to better engage users. Beamer has the option to customize your Beamer feed to match your interface completely so it looks native to your app and website.

Education and leadership from SaaS companies and experts:
Because SaaS companies are at the forefront of emerging technologies and strategies, they are becoming thought leaders ahead of all other industries. Companies and individuals outside of SaaS are looking towards founders, leaders, and resources from SaaS companies for new strategies and thoughts on everything from sales, marketing, customer service, security, etc. SaaS is the leader in the online space and helps many older companies move into the digital world effectively, so this leadership position makes sense. Hubspot and Spotify educate millions on marketing and sales in the digital work via their blog and free resources and their actions are followed closely by companies worldwide.

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